RF Solutions

RF Solutions

ACME RF is the Western US preferred installation and service provider for Vislink plc, the premiere ENG and Fixed link Microwave systems manufacturer in the US. Coordinating with Vislink, ACME works for the client to insure that the equipment design also works within the physical challenges at remote tower and rooftop sites.

In most cases the equipment we deploy is ancillary to our client’s real business operations. These systems are a means to the end in their business and as such ACME understands that our client’s service need is to be as hands off as possible. Combine this need with the perception that basic system architecture can appear to be straight forward. This scenario most often causes people to overlook critical coordination with internal partners, third party vendors, site managers and co-located tenants.

ACME’s promise, “Under promise and over deliver”!

Our job is to understand our client’s need and deliver the depth of service required to fulfill that need. Our extensive knowledge and experience deploying these systems is unmatched in the industry.

Systems and Products

+ Broadcast Television Electronic News Gathering (ENG)


  • Mobile ENG Vans
  • Central Receive Sites
  • Camera-Back Systems
  • Portable Tripod Mounted Systems
  • Airborne News Gathering

+ Broadcast Television Satellite News Gathering (SNG)


  • Rugged and Reliable Flyaway Antenna Systems
  • Vehicle Based Satellite and Antenna System Solutions
  • Sub System Communication Solutions
  • Fixed Satellite Earth Stations

+ Broadcast Television Fixed Point-to-Point Microwave Systems


  • Digital Studio-to-Transmitter Links
  • IP Microwave Radio Transport Solutions
  • Digital ENG Receive Microwave Backhauls
  • Hot-Standby Protected Microwave Systems
  • Multi-hop Simplex or Duplex Microwave Links

+ Public Safety Mobile Command


  • Public Safety & Security
  • Major Incident Support
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Airborne surveillance is an important contributor to the tactical picture. Real-time imagery provides a tactical advantage to crisis management professionals.

+ Private Mesh Network

Multi-node mesh networks are the ideal solution for providing ubiquitous data connectivity in mining operations. Self healing and automatic configuration provides reliable and continuous connections with fixed and mobile platforms in rugged terrain, for monitoring and controlling.


  • Vehicle GPS Location, condition monitoring & dispatch/routing
  • Sensor Networks
  • IP Video Transport – Health, Safety & Surveillance
  • Email & WEB Access
  • Network Analytics
  • Voice Communications (VOIP)
  • Appliance Network Devices
  • PLCs & Controls Automation
  • Local area GPS augmentation
  • Personnel Location Tracking
  • Electronic Timecard

+ Private Point-to-Point Systems

When high speed wireless connectivity is required between data collection points and central monitoring and facilities, ACME can provide secure microwave data links that can span distances from a few miles to 30 miles or more.

Key features of these systems include:

  • Throughput up to 300 Mbps
  • 10/100 Ethernet and T1/E1 support
  • High resistance to fades and multipath
  • Unlicensed UNI-I band operation
  • Remote user management

Specialized wireless operations require special consideration. When it comes to the correct choice for antennas that will be used to provide reliable communications from a stationary or moving platform, ACME has decades of experience to draw from.

Our custom solutions include:

  • Omni arrays for mobile platforms
  • Sector arrays for fixed data collection points
  • Parabolic antennas for point-to-point applications
  • Multi-band operation for diversity and redundancy
  • Ease of installation
  • Rugged all-weather design

+ Remote Solar Power Systems

Operations in remote areas typically require on-site power generation. Transportable solar power arrays are the ideal solution for communications equipment, as the current drains are low and the reliability is high. Vislink offers a variety of solar power systems on movable sleds, designed to provide continuous, cost effective and reliable DC voltages for remote communications equipment.

  • Single crystal high efficiency solar arrays
  • Gel-type maintenance free batteries
  • Structurally certified to meet AASHTO 150 mph exposure “D” wind force ratings.
  • Models up to 1,020 array watts available, with output voltages at 48 VDC
  • May be used to power multiple remote devices such as wireless RF data systems and video camera systems
  • Designed to be transportable with minimum effort

+ Planning & Design, On-Site System Integration

Our highly experienced design team will evaluate your overall requirements; assign the appropriate professional staff members, and create a tailored solution to meet your specific needs. ACME has the systems knowledge to get it done correctly and on time.

Our Design Services approach includes:

  • On-site survey and assessment of existing equipment, topology, infrastructure, and special requirements
  • Productivity Goals
  • Electric power needs
  • Security requirements
  • Health and safety issues
  • Total scope of work

An integral part of ACME RF is our total on-site integration, installation, and system commissioning services. We can provide and manage the following tasks:

  • Project management from start to finish
  • Installation of all new system hardware and software
  • Integration of existing systems with new infrastructure
  • System turn-up and test
  • Performance testing and verification