About Us

About Us

ACME RF is located in Orange California and serving the entire US. We are a small strategic business with many years of experience building and servicing terrestrial microwave, electronic news gathering (ENG), earth station satellite and radar systems for broadcast television, public safety and private industry. Airborne surveillance systems provide a bird’s eye view for news, law enforcement and emergency services. The great challenge is to share that view in High Definition in “real time”.

The RF world is ever changing and exciting, the communications technology advances in the past 25 years is unprecedented, we are very fortunate to have been so intricately involved in this great industry.

So, how do Acme RF and Acme Solar Relate?

Acme has two technology specific skill sets, RF “Radio Frequency” communications systems construction and service in addition to Solar PV (Photo Voltaic) power systems construction and service. This is not a random pairing, the crossover is very complementary and the mix benefits our clientele.

Acme RF, Inc. provides communications systems services to the Broadcast Television, Law Enforcement and Private industries. Our subdivision, Acme Solar Solutions provides energy audits and turnkey solar photo-voltaic (PV) power systems for commercial and residential clients. While the single greatest improvement in an energy modification for a building is typically building a PV power system first, we have to understand Building Performance or Home Performance. Our approach is a comprehensive whole-building assessment. We strive to identify failures and offer correction options, which will provide Comfort and Energy Efficiency.

Our decision to focus on and offer Solar Power systems is a natural fit with our communications background. Solar arrays are very much like large antenna systems from a mechanical and structural requirement stand point. From a project and customer need perspective in either industry one solution does not fit all. Although systems can be similar in type, function, consumption and efficiency, the needs of the system owner can be very different.

Our goal at Acme RF & Acme Solar Solutions is to master the evaluation process, provide comprehensive correction options, which are specifically unique to each owner and install the solutions following the customized design.